• White Plastic Bags (Custom Printed)

White Plastic Bags (Custom Printed)

Plastic bags provide an affordable option for your packaging needs. We offer a variety of sizes to suit all your needs. All of our plastic bags are made of durable and reusable plastic, and comply with all plastic bag regulations in Puerto Rico.

  • Available in boxes of 500 bags. Save money when buying multiple boxes.
  • Printing production time is 4 weeks maximum on reorders or 4 to 5 weeks maximum on new orders after artwork is approved.
  • If it is your first time ordering the printed bag, make sure you pick the right plate size for the logo that you're going to print.
  • Reusable bags made with recyclable material.
  • Maximum print area is for 9x12"(5x5"), 12x15"(6x6"), 15x18x4"(8x7"H), 14x3x21''(9x8''H) and 17x4x24''(10x8''H), centralized in the middle of the bag.
  • We can use the same Plate for more than one bag size.

White Plastic Bags (Plain)

  • $120.00

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