Frequently Asked Questions

 When does production for a custom item start?

  • Production time starts when the final art draft is approved by the customer.

When can I pick up my order?

  • All orders must be picked up no later than 10 days after you receive notice that the items are available. A $25 weekly storage fee will be charged on your order after this time.

What format should I use to upload my custom content/logo?

  • Digital artwork to be printed has to be provided in Illustrator format (.ai) or compatible format, o PDF format (.pdf), with editable vectors or outlined. We do not work with photo editing formats or compressed image formats, such as JPEG (.jpg, .png). If the artwork is not editable or with vectors, or needs to be modified by our artist, it may be subject to additional charges based on the work needed.   These charges will be quoted to be approved by the customer before we proceed with any additional work.  Artwork that includes text must converted to vectors or you must provide the font used. If you would like us to add any text, you must include the font that you would like to use for said text.

How much time do I have to return an item?

  • You have 48 hours from the time you collected or lost your control to claim damages or errors.
  • If the item was well dispatched, we do not accept changes or returns.

Do you return money?

  • We do not return money, we only provide store credit. It is valid for 90 working days from the date of the sale.

What shipping methods do you use?

  • We reserve to use our own shipping methods. They take a maximum of 3 days within Puerto Rico.

What is the cost of shipments outside Puerto Rico?

  • Cost of shipments outside Puerto Rico will be calculated at the time of the sale.