Luxury Shopping Bags with Die Cut Handles (Custom Print)

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They are available in the 3 sizes in KRAFT color, in BLACK in 6'' and 10'' and in WHITE in 10''


Luxury shopping bags, offered in a variety of sizes, ideal for high end brands, including boutiques and spas and special promotions. Low minimum production quantity and quick production time.

  • Available in boxes of 100 shopping bags. Save money when buying bigger quantities.
  • Printing production time is 4 weeks on reorders or 6 weeks maximum on new orders after artwork is approved.
  • If it is your first time ordering the printed bag, make sure you pick the right plate size for the logo that you're going to print.
  • Maximum print area is 3x3" in 6x2.5x9'' bags, 5.5x5" in 10x4x13'' bags, 6x6" in 13.5x6x16" bags and 8x6" in 16x6x16'' bags, centralized in the middle of the bag and above the ''gussets''.

Luxury Shopping Bags with Die Cut Handles (Custom Print)

    • $150.00