Kraft Paper Grocery Bags (Custom Printed)

Please verify inventory before place a order. Thanks!

These classic paper bags come in many sizes to accommodate all your needs. They expand on the sides and have a flat bottom, providing flexibility of use at a low cost.

  • Printing production time is 3-4 weeks on reorders or 4-5 weeks maximum on new orders after artwork is approved. Production times vary depending on the season of the year.
  • If it is your first time ordering the printed bag, make sure you pick the right plate size for the logo that you're going to print.
  • Top has a thumb-notch cut-out for easy opening, gusseted bottom is flat and the sides are pleated.
  • Amount per box varies based on size. Save money ordering larger quantities.
  • Maximum print area is 2.5 x 3'' for #1, and 3 x 4", for #2 is 4 x 4", for #4 and #6, for #12 and #25 is 5.5 x 5.5'' and 7 x 6'' for 1/6''.
  • We can use the same Plate for more than one bag size.
  • Recycled paper may have slight color and size variation because of the recycled material.

Kraft Paper Grocery Bags (Custom Print)

  • $105.00