Kraft Paper Flat Merchandise Bags (Custom Printed)

Please check inventory before placing your order.


These flat paper merchandise bags are the economical way to package lightweight items. Perfect for magazines, art prints, and promotional material.

  • Printing production time is 4 weeks on reorders or 6 weeks maximum on new orders after artwork is approved.
  • If it is your first time ordering the printed bag, make sure you pick the right plate size for the logo that you're going to print.
  • Amount per box varies based on size. Save money ordering larger quantities.
  • Maximum printing area is 4x4" is 5x7" bags and 6x9" bags, 5x5" on 8.5x11'' bags and 10x13'' bags, 6x6" on 12x15'' bags and 7x7" on 15x18''bags.
  • Recycled paper may have slight color and size variation because of the recycled material.

Kraft Paper Flat Merchandise Bags (Custom Print)

    • $110.00